Regimental History Of the 141st Infantry PA Volunteers

Col., Henry J. Madill; Lt. Col Guy H. Watkins; Maj Israel P. Spalding

This regiment was composed of recruits from the counties of Bradford, Susquehanna, Wayne, and Sullivan. They rendezvoused at Camp Curtin, Harrisburg, Pa and were formed into the 141st PVI on August 29, 1862. Around 5 PM of the same day they boarded the trains headed for Washington City. Having been assigned to General Robinson's 1st Brigade of Birney's Division of the 3rd Corp, it remained in Washington and drilled continuously. All the while disease afflicted the men. At one point 500 men were listed as unfit for duty. Winter quarters were near Falmouth, Va from where they ventured forth to participate, marginally, in the Battle of Fredericksburg.

1863 proved costly for these boys as, for the Battle of Chancellorsville, they had already been diminished to a mere 400 odd men out of the original 1000. The battle was severe and 235 soldiers were either killed, wounded or were missing in action. Nearly two months to the day later, the participated in the Battle of Gettysburg and again suffered tremendously as 136 out of the 198 effectives did not return.

1864 was the bloodiest of the war and the 141st was in the thick of the fighting. It entered on the spring campaign of 1864 as part of the 4th division, 2nd corps. In a single charge at the Wilderness the 141st captured 50 prisoners and the colors of the 13th N. C. It also participated in the Battles of Spotsylvania, North Anna, Cold Harbor and Petersburg.

On July 1, the regiment numbered only 170, and had but 7 of its 39 original officers.

It was stationed during the winter near Fort Hell and on March 27, 1865, began its final campaign, taking part in the final assaults on Petersburg. At the surrender of Lee it was in line of battle, prepared to continue the bloody fighting if necessary.

On May 28, it was mustered out at Washington, with the exception of the recruits, which were transferred to the 57th Pa. Few regiments achieved a more honorable record for gallantry and efficient service. The number on the regimental rolls was 1,036, and its losses during service were 156 killed or died of wounds, 404 wounded, and 75 captured or missing.

Battles Fought

November 6,1862.
November 17, 1862.
November 18, 1862 at Warrenton, VA.
November 28, 1862 at Poolesville, MD.
December 13, 1862 at Fredericksburg, VA.
May 3, 1863 at Chancellorsville, VA.
July 2, 1863 at Gettysburg, PA.
July 3, 1863 at Gettysburg, PA.
September 15, 1863.
October 9, 1863.
October 13, 1863 at Auburn, VA.
May 5, 1864 at Wilderness, VA.
May 6, 1864 at Wilderness, VA.
May 10, 1864 at Po River, VA.
May 12, 1864 at Spotsylvania Court House, VA.
May 20, 1864 at Spotsylvania Court House, VA.
May 23, 1864 at North Anna River, VA.
May 28, 1864 at North Anna River, VA.
May 31, 1864 at Totopotomoy Creek, VA.
June 1, 1864 at Cold Harbor, VA.
June 2, 1864 at Cold Harbor, VA.
June 16, 1864 at Petersburg, VA.
June 17, 1864 at Petersburg, VA.
June 18, 1864 at Petersburg, VA.
June 20, 1864 at Petersburg, VA.
June 22, 1864 at Petersburg, VA.
August 16, 1864 at Deep Bottom Run, VA.
September 11, 1864 at Petersburg, VA.
September 27, 1864 at Petersburg, VA.
October 2, 1864 at Poplar Springs Church, VA.
October 27, 1864 at Boydton Plank Road, VA.
October 27, 1864 at Morris Farm, VA.
November 27 ,1864 at Morris' Farm, VA.
February 5, 1865 at Hatcher's Run, VA.
February 15, 1865.
March 22, 1865 at Petersburg, VA.
March 25, 1865 at Petersburg, VA.
April 2, 1865 at Petersburg, VA.